Finally! Moonbather's long lost "Early Versions" LP Session sees the light of day! A year ago, the BVM sponsored Moonbather in the creation of their first LP. The record made some big waves (featured in NME, scored serious talks with record labels) but the album never saw release. Which was a MASSIVE shame (due to the amazing songcraft and positive psych-pop vibes throughout thanks to Caleb Ian Campbell and crew). So, we decided it was time for the rest of the world to get to enjoy it to. Grab it here and tell your friends. Scroll down the news to find a video of us making it. Once again, not only did we release this record, but it was recorded and mixed ENTIRELY by Randy here at the BVM recording studio. Yay.

The day has come. Denton, TX indie rock newcomers MEXIA release their debut EP right heeruh - on the BVM. Just click the album cover below and be whisked away to your very own 320k-quality downloadable version. Two parts Pixies, three parts Mates of State, one point five parts everything you love about post-rock and americana finally combined quite tastefully into "texas". Listen, enjoy, see a show, follow them on various social networking sites. Not only did we release this record, but it was recorded and mixed ENTIRELY by Randy here at the BVM recording studio. Vertical integration, we salute you.

Also, make sure to catch MEXIA performing live Wed 03/19 on the Record Party.

So, our brom from another mom Chase Turnbow of ChaseMeFilms has partnered with us in the opening of our Mini-Film department. An info page for that is pending early 2014, but you can see our first collaboration here:
Moonbather Recording Session from BVM Film on Vimeo.

The BVM currently offers 3 Mini-Film options:
- Vlogette: A "La Blogotheque"-style film of the performance of one song.

- Sessionette: A brief, informative, visually engaging film documenting your recording session with us.

- Road Movie: An artistic long-format film of a live performance in an intimate venue.

Oh Lordy, it has been awhile. We are resurrecting the sleeping giant (this website) and swear we'll post things here much more consistently. It has been a great year for the BVM! Bangarang's LONG-awaited (do they have any fans anymore?) Puzzlebits Gold Edition will finally be released on the world. Now it's a time capsule of old (but amazing) never released material, remixes of what was released, random interviews, art, and other weirdness. Look for it around Christmas via Bangarang's bandcamp site. Bangarang will also be releasing remastered versions of their first two EPs with bonus material.

And Mexia's debut EP will hit the streets as well in Feb. Slightly aggressive, melodic, acoustic-powered, indie rock. If The Pixies had formed after the advent of post-rock and the resurgence of folk they probably would have sounded like this. This is a BVM Exclusive, and will be released right here, for FREE. Git it!

Finishing up final mixes for Caleb Ian Campbell's amazing new solo record. Hopefully this will be out soon to melt your ear-hearts with ultra-melodic wop and roll. Check out Caleb and Team Tomb while you're at it.

Hey friends and neighbs. Sorry it's been so looonnggg since our last update. We've been working super hard to get everything finalized in starting up this lovely little company. As you probably well know, businesses unfortunately cost lots of money to get going, and money is a tighttt. Right? But instead of seeking anal retentive investment partners that don't understand the genius behind what we're trying to do, which is, simply: We help provide affordable, comfy, creativity-juicing recording and music services to innovative new musical artists who deserve an advocate. Owner Randy has single-handedly thrown all his extra cash at this venture for years, but we need some help in this final push to jump-start our customer base. SO WE STARTED A GOFUNDME!

Help us cross the $1100 gap toward total indie rock domination. You can even donate out of selfish motivation to get free albums from all the amazing artists we'll be recording very soon. We don't mind.


In all seriousness, THANK YOU. :)

Introducing BVM Spaces: Our growing list of strategically located studio spaces in the North Texas area. Experience our mobile studio in a non-mobile studio environment. Check it out!

THE SHOP (Mckinney, TX) aka "home"
A fully treated modern recording facility, The Shop offers a 20'x24' main room featuring an upright piano and 3'x6' vocal booth! Many a great recording has been made in The Shop and we are happy to call it our home for now!

THE CABIN (Longview, TX)
Feeling rustic? Come track at The Cabin! Literally a cabin in the woods, this space is a partnership between us and Longview-based Variac Studios. It offers a 20'x20' main room and a 4'x9' vocal booth.

BOOK YOUR SESSION AT A SPACE TODAY! Package prices apply, plus a nominal space fee. Instruments and amenities (meals, coffee, beer, wine) can be added at an extra charge. Coming from out of town? Let us book you lodging!

15% OFF EPs + LPs! That means that for a limited time, you can make an EP for $679.95! Or an LP for $1274.95! That's insane! Booking: studio@beatnikvending.com You can check out what our MOBILE STUDIO has to offer here: beatnikvending.com/studio

One of our neck-of-the-woodz favorites. Enjoy Skeleton Coast: Rupees by SKELETON COAST

Just checking in and maybe we'll update this more regularly because it currently looks like we do nothing. On the horizon: The elusive "Puzzlebits Gold Ed." from Bangarang looks like it will be hitting stores (i.e. Bandcamp, Amazon) THIS holiday season. Gift it to your homiez. You can listen to an unfinished mix of b-side "Some Men Are Safer" here: Some Men Are Safer (ROUGH INST UNEDIT) by GIANTPANDOLOGY

In other news, Skeletons is back with their big band creating the freakiest-outiest tunes yet on "The Bus" due for immiment release Sept 18th-ish on Shinkoyo. Check out "Tell Him Yr Name, Ann" here: Skeletons - Tell Him Yr Name, Ann by Shinkoyo

Finally! A real website! We know, it's not THAT much different than the old one, but look closer and you'll notice lots of pleasantly subtle changes. One thing's for sure, it looks better and it better represents all that we do. 2012 marks the first year that the BVM is able to offer a plethora of new music services. For the n00bs, the BVM is a new music service i.e. our whole business model functions in the 21st century, not like the big labels of yesteryere. We don't press cds, only vinyl. All our releases are digital. We encourage free music. We operate North Texas' finest completely mobile recording studio, bringing professional creative music recording to you. We also price everything so that you can get your scene-shocking ideas down on tape without breaking the bank. No long-term contracts, lots of love, and we'll even help you with that nasty business stuff. Basically, if you're making innovative, creative, mind-challenging, eccentric music we're your new best friend. And if you are doing the aforementioned, chances are we'll come knocking at your door soon.

Yay, we're adding more FREE music to the site after years of having the same old lame stuff. Right? Hopefully none of it's been yet found lame to your ears, but if so, just email complaints@beatnikvending.com and we'll go over to the house of the perpetrator and give em' the ole Cleaveland Step-Aside. If you don't know what that is, be thankful and take no notice of the extra 'a'. It adds antimidation. Anyhow, this new (well, 2009; new to us anyhow) Model UN record is absolutely free and only requires a quick peek at their informative and often hilarious blog-stylings. For those who are not hip with the lingo: the Model UN stands for the Model United Nations, which is an academic simulation of the actual United Nations to learn priviledged youngins about the wonders and woes of world government. Maybe they'll get there someday and do nothing as riots break-out in the Middle East. We'll see. Also, side note: If you cannot clearly glimpse the shrinktified cover art just know that it's a giant tri-faced snowy owl standing off the coast of what appears to be Japan. Just download it.

QUICK mini-update. The free albums below are ALL working and NEW stuff will be posted soon. Support BVM artists by looking them up and buying their wares!

Finally, we are back on the scene. Some of the albums below are still available, feel free to take advantage of them. Lots of things are new and different, lots of new stuff coming soon. See you.

Click an album to download it.

This music is free and can/should be given to everyone you know.

More to come soon.